Plant resources

Access to biological, genetic and genomic plant resources

BRC4PLANT, plant pillar CRB networks 

In France, public collections of cultivated plant biological resources are held in a network of 18 BRCs, covering 47 species or groups of cultivated species, mainly operated by INRAE, CIRAD and IRD. This network also includes the biological resources of the Conservatoires Botaniques Nationaux.

The Biological Resource Centers conserve plants in various forms: live plants in the field, in vitro tissue culture, viable seeds, etc.

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Biological resources from wild cultivated or related plants: The Florilège portal offers a focal point of entry to the biological resources of plants for agriculture conserved in France (metropolitan and overseas). In its current configuration, it represents the network of plant Biological Resource Centers (BRCs) managed by INRAE, CIRAD and IRD.

 FLORILEGE web portal


Plant genomic resources: CNRGV distributes specific biological samples from over 300 genomic collections nationally and internationally, in the form of single clones, libraries or subsets of BAC and cDNA libraries.
All stages of the distribution process are monitored. CNRGV distributes these resources and provides services for plant genomics research projects.

 CNRGV web portal

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