National Research Infrastructure of Agronomic BRCs

RARe is a research infrastructure registered on the National Roadmap of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).


The infrastructure is based on five networks, called "pillars", of Biological Resource Centres (BRCs) conserving genetic, genomic and biological resources assembled and characterized by agricultural research, as well as associated data on domestic animals, model or cultivated plants, wild relatives of domesticated animals, forest trees, micro-organisms of agronomic or agri-food interest, micro-organisms and organisms of the environment.

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04 March 2024

Redaction: RARe

CRB VASC and CRB Coffea become members of RARe

Awarded the IBiSA label in 2023, and following the advice of the members of the RARe Governance Board, the VASC (Arabidopsis, Versailles) and Coffea (Saint-Pierre, La Réunion) Biological Resource Centers of the Plants pillar are now officially members of RARe.
This study, published in the Animal Science section of the Peer Community Journal, proposes an analytical framework and indicators for the evaluation of cryopreserved animal collections for the conservation of genetic diversity. These indicators can be calculated at regular intervals to help plan and manage these collections at national and international levels, and to help population managers exploit the resources currently available. This analytical framework has been applied to the French national cryobank.
This is the first time that an international consortium has brought together world leaders in sunflower research in the fields of ecology, economics, genetics and biotechnology, right through to sunflower ecology and breeding. Around the Horizon Europe HelEx - Helianthus Extrêmophiles project, 18 partners will be working to develop new sunflower varieties that are more resistant to high temperatures and drought, while maintaining production quality and biodiversity services.
The ABS4BRCs project has developed digital applications to help French biological resource centers (BRCs) acquire, conserve and distribute agronomic resources in compliance with national regulations.