Forest pillar

Forest pillar

The Forest Pillar is a Forest Biological Resource Center (FBR) distributed over 3 operational sites (Orléans, Pierroton and Avignon) and 2 sites providing support activities (Versailles and Nancy). It brings together Forest Biological Resources, such as collections of seeds, pollens and individuals, genomic resources and samples of leaves, needles or wood.

Labeled a "Biological Resource Center" by the GIS IBiSA since 2019, and a Collective Scientific Infrastructure by INRAE in 2018, the Forest Pillar has been ISO 9001 certified since 2021, for the field of application: "Introducing into collection, conserving, characterizing by genotyping and distributing forest biological resources with their associated data".

The Forest Pillar's mission is to provide national and international scientific communities with research-oriented Forest Biological Resources and associated phenotypic and genotypic data.

  • Hardwoods: poplar, oak, cherry, cedar, ash, chestnut, maple
  • Softwoods: pine, larch, cedar, fir, cypress, cedar, cryptomeria

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