Microbial collections

Microbial collections

The collections of the microorganisms pillar are managed by three RARe member entities


CIRM: The 5 microbiological resource centers (CIRM-BIA, CIRM BP, CIRM-CF, CIRM-CFBP and CIRM-Levures) specialize in the conservation, distribution and characterization of 15,000 pure strains of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts) of interest to agronomic and environmental research.

SAMBO: MGP's biobank for the storage and management of feces and DNA samples.

UBOCC: Bacteria, archaea, yeasts and molds from diverse environments such as deep-sea and coastal marine environments (hydrothermal springs, deep-sea sediments, bivalve pathogens) and agricultural and agrifood ecosystems (agrifood companies, field flora, environments contaminated by hydrocarbons or plastics).

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