RARe helps preserve biodiversity

RARe develops cross-functional activities to stimulate synergies between its pillars.

In addition to joint coordination, with a steering committee and representatives of the supervisory bodies, and the 
international multi-domain scientific council, the infrastructure has set up cross-functional groups:

  • (SI) for the analysis of information systems and the implementation of the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data policy,
  • ABS (Access and Benefit Sharing) for legal support and implementation of Nagoya Protocol regulations, 
  • ECO for the development of the infrastructure's business model,
  • QMS (Quality Management System) for quality management at all levels, and
  • COM to propose and implement the RARe communication plan.

RARe is thus defined by common objectives and a common profession, that of biological resource manager, practiced in very diverse contexts.

In this rubric

Discover the activities and resources of the RARe infrastructure, whose agronomic BRCs are at the heart of major research issues for the future. RARe brings together animal, environmental, plant, microbial and forest biological resources, with the support of the research organizations INRAE, CIRAD and IRD. This special issue "Innovations in Agricultural Resources for Research" presents a sample of the immense diversity of RARe resources.
Through this animation, RARe proposes to discover the common processes of biological resources management.

Modification date : 31 October 2023 | Publication date : 21 July 2017 | Redactor : P. Huan